Particle rifle


The particle rifle was a type of standard-issue carbine directed energy particle weapon used by United Earth’s MACO personnel in the 22nd century.

The particle rifle fired discharges of blue bolts of concentrated energy. The weapon could also be set to fire orange-red particle beams similar to those fired by a plasma rifle or a phase pistol. The particle rifle was capable of multiple power settings, ranging from stun, to kill, to a high-power shot capable of blasting through a Human torso.

While extremely powerful when set to kill, its stun setting appeared to be somewhat ineffective against species that were more physically resilient, such as enraged Vulcans, Xindi-Reptilians and the Augments.

Range: 12/22/38
Damage: 2d6+
Clip: 20
RoF: 1
Weight: 12
Notes: 3 power settings, Stun, Kill, High Energy Kill – note uses all 8 power cells from mag/ must be at full capacity in order to fire this setting.
Cost: 150

Particle rifle

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