Star fleet Mk I Phase Pistol


The phase pistol was a type of phase-modulated energy weapon, a personnel sidearm characterized by a focused energy discharge in the form of a steady stream or a phase pulse. It was introduced in 2151 for use by Starfleet personnel as a replacement to the EM-33 pistol. The MACO utilized a different model of phase pistols.

Unlike its predecessor, the EM-33, the phase pistol was equipped with an Rechargeable power cell and adjustable power settings, allowing the user to choose from either “stun” or, in extreme cases, “kill.” While these settings were most commonly used and more readily available, the weapon was capable of an even wider range of output and could be adjusted to a ten megajoule setting (albeit with some internal modification).

Range: 8/16/32
Damage: 2d6+
Clip: 40 recharge
RoF: 1
Weight: 8
Notes: 3 power settings, Stun, Kill, overload
Cost: 100 EC

Star fleet Mk I Phase Pistol

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